Country Club Hills School District 160

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

I agree that  positive interactions between my child and me at home and in the community will help him or her to become more responsible, to achieve his or her poten­tial, and to develop good character. Therefore, to the best of my ability, I  also agree to abide by the following expectations of the "/ Care" Positive Parenting Character Curriculum:


1.  I will ask my child if he or she has brought home the monthly "'7 Care"  Character ­Building Parenting Activity Sheet (at the beginning of the month) and the Feed­back Form (at the end of the month) for us to read and complete.


2. I will read the monthly Character Trait Activities and the "Message to My Child."


3.  I will complete,with my child, the five (5) Character-Building Parenting & Men­toring Activities. Likewise, I will also complete five additional positive activities that my child and I initiate and do together.


4.  I will complete the Feedback Form or Reflection Log each month and return it to the school. I will indicate if my child's teacher shared something positive about my child with me during the month.

5.  I will ask my child to share if he or she has seen, heard, or talked about the month's character trait in the community (other than at school or at home) and indicate it on the Feedback Form.