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Free Math Skills Websites

The following contains free reading links to outside sources.  Country Club Hills School District 160 is not responsible for any content housed/published on these sites.

Grade Level




Math Dictionary

A visual dictionary to help students understand math terms.  A probability game is included.



Interactive site helps students practice fractions.

PreK -1

Concepts and Skills

This 15 game website helps learners practice math concepts and skills in an interactive format.  The games can also be downloaded for use without the Internet.


Math Games

This site contains sets of interactive games which include logic and geometry.


Math Games

Site includes math games.  Word problems are available with video game-like features.  Short, fast paced videos answer math questions submitted by the student to the web site.


 Math Games

Students are presented with timed number sentences.  The goal is to click on the necessary numbers in the large on-screen grid.


Math Reinforcement ofSkills

A comprehensive set of interactive math lessons.  Unlimited practice is available for each topic which allows thorough mastery of the concepts at each student’s current instructional level.


Flash Cards

Online flashcard options for at-home practice.  Included is a custom flash card creator for making printed sets.


Homework Help (Tutoring)

This site provides homework help in 4 easy to understand step – giving examples and practice. 


Math Resources

This site provides links to math resources, lessons and other interactive math sites

Note to parents/guardians – These sites are intended to help your child(ren) develop/strengthen math skills.  Reviewing test scores and classroom assignments, along with communicating with your child(ren)’s teachers will assist you in deciding what skills should be addressed.